Aussies Seed Bombs

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Beautify your garden, pots or that ugly bare spot in your yard! Enjoy the beauty of flowers or herbs as well as support an environment for our pollinators.

Our native pollinators are resonsible for 3/4 of our fresh food production, so by supporting them we are supporting ourselves. 

Using Aussie Seed Bombs are an easy, educational, eco-friendly activity for all ages. Aussie Seed Bombs use a unique formula of ingredients for optimum germination and survival. Using 100% organic ingredients and Non GMO seeds from other Aussie suppliers.

Each Seed Bomb contains 2-5 seeds depending on variety, to survive the harsh Aussie conditions. Each pack contains 12 organic seed bombs of your choice.

Packaging is minimal & plastic free! Bombing is best anytime between Spring to Summer (Autumn in warmer states) they store well for 4-6 months.